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FIXED Frigidaire Refrigerator LGHT1846QP1 - water under crisper drawers


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Aug 4, 2016
Winter Park, FL
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6-10 years
As per the subject line - I am guessing this has to be a defrost drain issue. But I cannot find any instructions on how to remove the defrost control panel cover (on the 'ceiling' of the refrigerator compartment) to check the drain line that leads from there into the back wall. All information I can find suggests checking the drain line leading into the drain pan, but to me that makes no sense. I am pretty sure that something - be that ice or debris - is clogging the drainage line at the 'beginning' if the drain system, not the 'end'.

Am I missing something? Could this be from improper/malfunctioning auto defrost? If so, how do I force a defrost session to see if that stops the water collecting in the bottom of the fridge? Should that be what I start with first?

There was some ice accumulation on the back wall panel in the freezer, for what that information is worth. I did chip that away. We do have an ice maker, but water is not running down from it onto the back wall of the fridge.

I really think I should be able to do some DIY investigation before automatically calling a repair service. I just am not sure where to begin.

Help and thanks.
On this model you have to remove the back panel inside the freezer to get access to the defrost drain trough and drain line. Get a hair dryer and hot water to clear the drain out.

Also, check the refrigerator ceiling towards the back wall, it might be clogged there too in the air duct housing.

Remove the duct housing #17 here:

Here's the freezer and drain pan parts diagram:
(click to enlarge)
#17 is the drain trough
#84 is the drain tube underneath the back bottom of the refrigerator
#26 is the drain pan

Watch this video to remove the back panel INSIDE THE FREEZER: Evaporator Fan Motor Replacement (part 242077705)

The video shows you how to replace the evaporator fan motor, but it ALSO shows you how to remove the back panel inside the freezer.

Thanks! And WOW! Think I will call appliance repair - looks like there are too many things I could possibly end up breaking.
Ok, sounds like a plan, let us know how it goes.

Turned out to be what I figured - clog in the tube that leads directly into the defrost drain reservoir at the top of the fresh food compartment (not the freezer). Two second job, if you know how to remove that reservoir unit without breaking it!
Excellent, good job fixing it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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