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FIXED Frigidaire Refrigerator PHS69EJSS0 Leaks water when dispenser is pressed.

Scott Felsen

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Nov 14, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a Frigidaire PHS69EJSS0, by side fridge and freezer. Anytime I press the water dispenser it leaks from somewhere out of site, up top, inside the unit. I can hear water coming from somewhere up in the unit on the refrigerator side. I checked the water valve behind the unit and cannot see any leaks from there or behind the Fridge at all. It takes a min or so for the leaked water to come out from under the Fridge and it only happens when I press the dispenser. The dispenser does work. I do get filtered water when I use it. It just leaks from inside the fridge somewhere. I am not experienced with repairing appliances but can rip apart a car/truck no problem... lol I appreciate any help or suggestions you may have.
The water line under the brown coil on the water valve goes up to the filter in the FF section and from the filter down to the water tank in the back bottom of the fresh food section and back to the water valve. When you press the dispenser water flow is out from the yellow coil across the bottom to the freezer door hinge. There's a coupler there by the hinge. Check that for any leaks. Here's a water schematic:
R-Water schematic Frigidaire-2.jpg
Thank you for this diagram. It is not leaking from that coupler down by the door hinge. I can see any water coming from anything down below at all.
The leak is not on the ground level of this refrigerator. Its coming from somewhere upwards inside. Do I have to remove the inside back panel of the freezer and refrigerator to access the water tubing?
ok, I found the leak... Its a pin hole in one of the tubes that supplies water to the dispenser. Now to fix it... lol
Use a razor blade to cut the pinhole leak then couple the two ends with a "john guest" coupler. You can pick one up at any of the home centers or Walmart.
That is exactly what I did!!!. Thank you very much. The hose has gotten brittle and was installed jammed up against some sharp sheet metal. Over the years it poked a pin hole in the hose. It is now working perfectly. Thanks again!!!

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