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Frigidaire Standing freezer LFFU14F5HWS Door open 2 hrs = No longer working


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Jul 10, 2023
Delaware, DE
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6-10 years
This past weekend one of my kids was checking ice pops (were they done yet?!?!?!) and left the door open for about 2 hrs a crack.
The beeping/warning alerted us.
Closed the door - checked back in 30 and found the temperature kept rising and blowing not cold air from the top.

Took everything out and put into chest freezer & inside the house. Completely emptied the freezer.

Thought it might have been the warm, humid summer air causing the coils to freeze or possibly just overloading the compressor. Unplugged it overnight. Plugged it back in. After 2 hours, it wasn't significantly cold.

Physically, the top left side felt warm to the touch. Getting someone out to diagnose/fix might be more than 1/2 it's worth. And I'd hate to add something like this to landfill.

So, what are my next steps in diagnosing what's going on? I've read this and likely (since its running), my guess is the compressor, evaporator coils, or Condensor coils. (Right? Wrong?)

And after reading your repair-help section, maybe I didn't leave it off long enough?
And after reading your repair-help section, maybe I didn't leave it off long enough?

Overnight with the doors open should be more than sufficient. Off overnight with the door closed, maybe not. (The freezer is insulated and very possibly would not defrost enough internally.)

If the compressor and evaporator fan IS running but it is NOT cooling enough, someone needs to disassemble and inspect the evaporator (cooling) coil for frosting. That has to be done after the compressor has been running for several hours at least and before any manual defrosting is done again. Post a photo of the evaporator coil and its frosting here for evaluation.

While about a frost free refrigerator much of the following will pertain to a frost free freezer as well. Freezers however may not have an external condenser or fan so that may not be applicable.

LINK > My frost free refrigerator is not cooling properly. What might be the problem?

Dan O.
Well, well, well Dan. Patience is something that I have to keep discovering.
And also, thank you for your time and patience.

Kept it off until about 4 hours ago (over 48 hrs.)
Plugged it in. Gave it 4 solid hours. Internal temp ranged from 2deg to 20 degrees.

It's Cold. ⛄⛄⛄

Should I be worried that the exterior has some hot spots on the side?

See attached photo
The yellow block is generally around 100+ degrees

I used an infrared thermometer - that spot towards the bottom? 115.

My wife is concerned that (amongst other things) that it might cause a fire.

Q1: Is this safe/normal?
Q2: Is there anything I can do to help (for example, maybe there's dirt/dust from condensation that's on the coils that needs to be cleaned/blown out.



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Should I be worried that the exterior has some hot spots on the side?

No. That is the heat being removed from the interior. The hotter the stuff inside, the hotter the outside... until cooled.

Most refrigerators have the hot condenser at the rear. Freezers often have it built into the exterior walls of the cabinet. Make sure you leave space around the freezer for best efficiency.

Dan O.

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