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Frigidaire Washer LTF530FS0 knocking/rattling noise


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Dec 19, 2021
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More than 10 years
I have an Frigidaire LTF530FS0 front load washing machine that has lately started making a rattling or knocking sound. It's not a catastrophically loud noise, and the washer goes through the cycles fine (so far), but I'm thinking something is out of alignment or loose.

The drum spins smoothly. The noise seems to happen when the drum moves forwards and backwards on the mount. I've looked underneath the washer and I don't see anything loose or broken. The sound seems to be coming from where the drum is mounted.

I've created some videos with the sound. This is me manually spinning and pushing and pulling the drum.

During final spin. It can be a little hard to hear the knocking sound.

And during a regular wash cycle. The noise is most audible as it stops spinning.

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi, I saw all the videos.

Its the rear outer tub drum bearing that has gone bad.

You can either replace the complete rear outer tub assembly with the bearing already installed or if your really into a challenge just change the bearing alone as described here: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/threads/237-FIXED-Drum-Gasket-and-Rear-Shell-Bearings

Video Included in each part link:

Rear Drum with Bearing 131525500

Also order the tub seal if you order the rear outer tub assembly:
Tub Seal 134146100

I was wondering if it might be the bearings. I assume it'll gradually get louder and louder until it's really banging?

Unfortunately, it looks like the parts are way more than I'm going to spend on a washer that's over a dozen years old. Plus, it's in a cramped space with the dryer stacked on top, so even getting access to the back is going to be an undertaking. And I'm not the most handy of men.

Looks like I'm going on the hunt for a new washer/dryer. Hooray?

Thank you for your expertise.
I assume it'll gradually get louder and louder until it's really banging?
Yes, that is true.

Looks like I'm going on the hunt for a new washer/dryer.
Yes, I agree. Most all the appliance stores are having their annual Christmas Sales now. We recommend Maytag and Whirlpool.

I'll be sure to limit my washing to the essentials for now. :)

I'm limited to 25-26" depth, so the options appear to be pretty limited around me, unfortunately.

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