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Frosty bottom drawer freezer


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Jul 9, 2014
San Juan Capistrano
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1-5 years
Whirpool Gold French door with bottom drawer freezer; just over 2 years old. Never had any frost issues in the freezer until after I 'fixed' a bottom leaking/ice build up with the drain fix kit (W10619951). Ever since that fix (no more drain or bottom ice build up) frost has built up, beginning with the back wall and then up the top and onto the top shelf food.

From what I've gathered from the forum my problem is the control board, defrost thermostat or defrost heater. What I have not been able to figure out is how to run a forced defrost mode to see if the defrost heater works at all.

How do I force defrost this model fridge? And what are my next steps? Thanks ahead of time.

Make sure that new drain has water in the trap to prevent warm room air from entering the freezer.

Have any pictures of the frosted area?

I didn't put water in the p-trap (new drain). I thought this might be the problem, but it was two weeks before I realized it, at that point I just figured enough would have melted down into it and filled it by that point. So instead of checking it, I just cleaned off the frost and left it... only to have the frost come back. Would it not have filled? I'll check when I get home this evening.

Pictures attached (sorry for the quality).

Thanks, Derick


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Got to it too late for tonight. Am I correct that in order to check if the p-trap (Drain unit) has water in it I need to move the fridge out and take off the rear panel to access it? No other easier way right? Then it will have to wait till tomorrow.
That looks more like the door was left open at some point....totally defrost and start over....remove all that.....coils don't look frosted as we can see some through the air vents.

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