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FRS6B5EEW3 Frigidaire Refrigerator - Damper Motor Circuit Help


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Apr 29, 2023
Lincoln, NE
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I am working on a hobby project with a modified refrigerator (model FRS6B5EEW3) that involves needing to understand how the damper (# 241600902) motor circuit works. In general, I think I grasp that at the extent of its movement, the damper flips a switch that signals the power in the Genesis Control to stop trying to move it. With my refrigerator, I'm having some trouble with the particulars, however, because it appears from the schematic that the switches are doing double duty with supplying power and sensing position. I have included the relevant portions of my schematic here. If I wanted to emulate the Genesis Control unit for controlling the damper motor, can anyone suggest how I would do so?

Essentially, I would like to know, what is the behavior of P1-2 and P1-10 in the schematic when the damper door is closed, when it is closing, when it is open, and when it is opening?

Desired behaviorP1-2P1-10
Damper should remain closed
Damper should transition from closed to open
Damper should remain open
Damper should transition from open to closed

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide!
The damper in the video appears to be part 242283901 which fits refrigerator ffss2314qs7 (schematic attached). The wiring of a fridge compatible with a damper in the video looks to be a bit more of the "traditional" approaches I am seeing with separate dedicated power and signaling. Not am exact match for my case, but interesting to see!

I can not find a video dealing with your exact part nor do I know the exact difference. Sorry.

Such information might be in its service manual but Frigidaire doesn't produce one for every model and I can't find one for yours. Maybe someone else will be able to supply the information about your damper?

Dan O.
Thanks, Dan! I just found a used one on ebay for $20; I've been searching for information for a while, at this point it may be easier just to get one to mess with and I won't have to worry about breaking my in-use one.
at this point it may be easier just to get one to mess with and I won't have to worry about breaking my in-use one.

If you figure out how yours functions maybe you can come back and post a followup in case others come looking for similar info.

Dan O.

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