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FIXED FRSS2623AS0 Frigidaire Refrigerator - Ice on evaporator motor fan blade

Appliance Guy

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Nov 16, 2010
Model Number
1-5 years
The customers complaint is a loud noise coming from the freezer compartment. The ice maker on this model appears to be leaking water down onto the evaporator motor shroud when filling with water. The evaporator fan is rubbing on the frozen shroud causing the loud noise. I could not wait for the ice maker to cycle to determine where it is leaking. I pulled the fill tube out from the back and checked for cracks, (no cracks). My thought is: Due to the design of the fill trough, water may be splashing out the rear and running down the back during the fill mode-possibly due to high water pressure from inlet inlet valve, or just a poor design of the fill trough. There's no evidence of water dripping off the flex tray cups. Has anyone experienced this issue. Would like some feedback is so.
I experienced this many years ago on a GE refrigerator that was doing the same thing, and I replaced the water inlet valve and that fixed it.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model: Valve 5304525994
They've had problems with this new icemaker doing that. Try ordering a 5303918893 Fill Cup Jacket Kit. It just came out so availability can be a little difficult but its supposed to address an issue like that. The other thing I've done is take some normal tin tape and put some on the fill funnel coming out from the back of the freezer into the icemaker. I've seen water splashing out of that funnel because it's open on top. Hope that helps.
Thanks Luke for mentioning that.(y)
Thanks Luke. The fill cup jacket kit was available through searspartsdirect.com. I ordered and received it in about a week. Before your reply I went ahead and ordered the inlet valve and replaced them both.
I think the issue is either to much pressure from the fill valve or a bad design of the fill cup. Either way this seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks again.

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