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FRT18LRH Fridge / freezer not cooling enough....recently transported


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Nov 19, 2016
Nova Scotia
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I just hooked up a new to me fridge and after 30 hours running the temperature in the fridge & freezer has only cooled to: freezer 5c (41f) and fridge 9c (48f). I can hear both the compressor and evaporator fan running and the compressor is warm (almost hot) to the touch. The seals look almost new. It was transported here on it's side but then sat for a week before we brought it in from the garage. it was again moved on and angle (not quite on its side and only for a minute) and sat for 4 hours before being plugged in. All the doors / front screws / hardware had been removed from the fridge and reassembled. Noises include a motor/fan hum and there was a little gurgling on startup. I have both the fridge & freezer set to coldest setting. It is running at 58 watts and i have only noticed it go down to a zero power draw once since being plugged in. Any help would be much appreciated.

after 30 hours running the temperature in the fridge & freezer has only cooled to: freezer 5c (41f) and fridge 9c (48f).

You have a system issue of some sort.....need to have someone come in and access the refrigeration system to see what is going on....leaker, restriction, inefficient compressor or any combination of these.

Could it be from being on it's side? Any tests i could do or anything i could look at to try to pinpoint? The door was off the fridge when i got it and the piece between the fridge & freezer was pulled forward a bit....could this have dislodged something?
Relay on the compressor rattles when shaken.....would this be my problem? I would think if this was causing my problem the compressor would not be warm & i would not hear it running?
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I tested ohms at plug on compressor for relay and got 11 / 5 / 6 and no reading on the prongs to ground. The condenser coil is not heating up even though the compressor is running. Would this mean that either the freon is low, I have a clog somewhere or the compressor is running but not pumping? Could the relay still be bad even though the compressor sounds like it is running & is warm?
I agree with Jeff.

If the compressor is running and its not cooling and there is no frost build up on the evaporator coil, then you have a sealed system problem.

When you lay down a refrigerator the compressor oil will leave the compressor and clog the sealed system, it's almost impossible to get it all cleared out again after that.

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