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FSP WP35-6780 drain pump noise?


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Sep 21, 2020
North East
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More than 10 years
Troubleshooting a high-pitched screech during spin cycle on our Maytag Atlantis MAVT754EWW, I bought a new WP35-6780 drain pump from the local reputable parts store. Sealed FSP box, no signs of tampering or damage, new 1-piece housing design without a steel baseplate like the part it replaced. During agitation, it makes a buzzing noise that the old pump did not. Noise shown in video linked here:

It drains well, makes similar noise during spin but at higher frequency. Is this noise normal for the new pump design, or should I exchange it and try again? Belt is mounted properly, no obstructions in the drain hose or standpipe.

(The screech during spin is the lower spin bearing, part 12001562 is NLA along with the transmission kit. I tapped the old bearing assemly off the trans, put it in the freezer overnight and was able to wiggle the bearing out of the nylon housing...new SKF 6006-Z bearing has been ordered and should be a nice fix to keep the old washer in service.)

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