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FWT 449 problems drain/spin

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Oct 2, 2005
Merritt, BC, Can.
FWT 449 GFS problems drain/spin

Hi there....our washer is acting strange....laundry day and we have put in a regular load of towels...I hear a funny grating/scraping sound when it was filling the spin cycle. I stopped the machine checked for foreign materials and no go. It started up fine...but then wouldn't do the spin cycle. So I thought maybe the load was too big (took some of the items out and it would just do the finish easy rotate). There was a burning smell so I think the issue was the load not draining and being too heavy to spin properly. any other ideas?
thanks... :confused:

Update: the machine will not complete any spins...the water doesn't drain and while I was watching it, the machine tried to spin but laboured and stopped...I took out a towel to lighten the load and it then went around, but it looked more like it was on the wash cycle, not the spin. The dial went through the cycle and stopped at the end with no spinning (it finished with the normal few spins in either direction and then stopped.)
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Aug 24, 2004
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Sounds like something is caught/stuck in the water pump, I do find this happening alot in some of the front load service calls i run every year.

Its to check, just take off the front lower access panel, then on the right bottom side you will see the water pump, with the 2 black rubber hoses attached to it with spring clamps. Just be careful when taking the rubber hoses off with a tub with water in it, as it will flood the floor once you remove those hoses, Then just check for objects caught in the pump itself, and the back rubber boot hose that looks square at the bottom, its like a button-trap.