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GB2FHDXWB04 Possible bad Water inlet valve


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Mar 13, 2017
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The ice maker stopped producing ice. Per videos I tested the water inlet valve (W10498976) with an Ohmmeter and got a reading of 187. I have read mixed on what this should read. Repaireclinic said between 1000 and 1500. What should the reading be? Is my water inlet valve bad based on the the reading I am getting?
Repair clinic is correct, should be between 500 and 1500 ohms. The easiest way to check the ice maker is remove the two wire connector from the valve and insert your meter leads into the connector. Force cycle the ice maker and check for 120 VAC during the fill cycle. If the water valve is getting 120 VAC and it's not opening, bad valve. If the valve is not getting the 120 VAC, bad ice maker.
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Water Inlet Valve WPW10498976
I will order a new one, I am getting less than 200 on the resistance. Thanks for the quick reply.
Hi gretencord,

scoutman57 had a bad water valve.

Do these two parts often fail together? How reliable is the continuity test on the water valve? My concern is that all 3 reviews for the water valve say the ice maker was the problem. I hesitant to go through the time and expense to replace one part and find out it's actually the other.
As suspected, my problem was not with the water valve. The ice maker would not force cycle when I attempted to short it and check the voltage as noted above. Further inspection revealed a burnout inside the module:


Not sure the source of the "500 and 1500 ohms" resistance on the water valve but I question its accuracy - if only for newer models.
Not sure the source of the "500 and 1500 ohms" resistance on the water valve but I question its accuracy...
You're correct, it's more like 180 -200 for the ice maker coil and around 335 for the dispenser coil. There's a few oddball valves but that's the most common. I never check the ohms of the solenoids because they can check good and still not open the valve. On that style ice maker everything can be checked at the power module. You can also activate the water valve from the power module. If you have 120 VAC across "L" and "N" short "L" to "V".

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