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GD25DFXFW02 Compressor not starting


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Aug 16, 2017
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Fan runs, but compressor not starting. Compressor tests okay with ohmmeter and getting 120V per red wire. I replaced the overload and what seemed to be a bad relay, but the compressor still fails to start. I tried testing the capacitor - seems okay via digital tests with ohmmeter. Is the compressor locked-up / bad despite testing okay for conductivity/shorting? Would the fan run if the cold control thermostat is bad? There had been some issues with frosting up before the compressor stopped running altogether. I also note voltage in the red wire (using a non-conductive voltage tester), but no voltage in the white wire - the red wire enters the compressor thru the overload; the white wire connects to the capacitor and relay - is this a clue? Any thoughts on what else I could test? I have not tried jumping the thermostat yet, but that is what I might try next.
You should have 120 VAC across the red wire and the white wire. What's the resistance of the compressor windings?
Component Test Comp Relay-1.jpg
Thanks for your reply, Rick.

The Common to Run resistance is 3.7 ohms.
The Common to Start resistance is 4.5 ohms.
The Common to Run resistance is 6.8 ohms (a bit less than the total).
Saga continues ...
I decided to check the new parts that came in the relay/overload kit I had ordered. The old relay was clearly bad, and the new relay's resistance check seemed okay. The new overload, however, seems to have been faulty. The resistance across the pin/connector read "OL" (open line) - it should have a low ohm reading. Well, I had kept my old overload - I tested it - it was okay (low resistance from the connector to the pin). I put the old overload back on with the new relay, and my compressor started up! I tested the current on my amp clamp - 1.65 amps in both the red and the white wire. But .. I think I still have another issue. The compressor would seemingly not stay on unless I turned the cold control thermostat to the coldest setting. Does this likely mean that I need a new cold control thermostat too?

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