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FIXED GDF530PGM4WW GE Dishwasher Drain keeps running/other issues

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May 10, 2022
Indiana USA
Model Number
1-5 years
Bought in 2020.

This dishwasher started a week ago erroring out with H20. It did this multiple times even after turning the breaker off. I took turned off the breaker and then pulled out the washer to verify the water line was not clogged. I also cleaned out any debris on the water inlet screen. Also checked the drain for obstructions.

When I turned the breaker back on the dishwasher ran fine with no error for around a week.

Now the dishwasher will start the drain at the beginning of a cycle and never stop. Then the dishwasher screen will turn off with no displayed error code. If I pour water in the drain the pump will pump it out. Green light on pump (sensor?) is on when draining.

What should I be looking at as the problem?
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I left the breaker off for ~15-20 min and now when I turned it back on instead of the drain running it started filling with water. Does this mean a failing control board is the likely culprit or is it some sensor somewhere?

Well it ran and did wash them but it seems it shutoff before completing the dry cycle as the Clean light never came on. I was not watching the screen directly on the washer but I think it went from around 60 or so minutes left on the screen the just off without the clean light coming on.

Water was drained and soap dispenser was empty so it seemed to wash them. When I opened the door it was hot in there with steam and things were mostly but not completely dry.
Honestly I did notice the clean light only coming on sometimes the last week or two. As the dishes appeared washed and mostly dry I ignored it.

Does this and all the other issues point to multiple parts or just one?
Yes, the is possibly the machine control board.

Here's the machine control board for your model:

Here's another member that had this same exact problem:

Thanks. I felt it was the issue so I already ordered a new board, but I was hoping for confirmation that this was the right direction to go. Unfortuantely I ordered somewhere else and due to part delays I wont have it till around June 4th so I will update after I put in the new board.
Ok, sounds good, let us know how it goes.

Even before I replaced the control board the H20 and other errors stopped happening. All that is going on now is 90% of the time it will stop and the Clean light will not come on. It is washing the dishes and the soap is being used up, but I think the heated dry is failing and that is why the Clean light is not coming on.

Replaced the control board and did a cycle with no dishes and it again finished but not with the Clean light coming on. What do I need to check now? Washer is only 2 years old.
I did a continuity test on the heating element and got a 015 to 017 on my meter and a solid tone. So I believe the element itself is good. Does that sound right?

If the element is good what should I check next?

I've seen some other videos or posts about the flood switch is involved in the drying. Is that correct. Could it be a bad flood switch? Does my washer even have a flood switch?
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I just ran it 3 times in a row and none finished. I just ran it a fourth time and it is back to just the drain running and then it quits. I replaced the control board today and it has not changed anything.

What next based on my recent posts?

Did I get a bad control board? Now the washer is just running the pump and then the whole thing will shut off with no error displayed on the main screen. So before i replaced the control board it was mainly just not doing the heated dry but it was washing them. Now since the board is seems to go from not starting to sometimes not even getting to the wash cycle, to constantly draining and making a rough noise from the pump area.
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So after turning if on and off multiple times I got it to start washing. This time I sat and watched it the whole time. It did not finish. Here is what it did and the times.

Normal Cycle with Heated Dry

Minutes as shown by the screen
128 to 119 - fill and then wash
119 to 116 - drain
116 to 115 - fill
115 to 75 - wash
75 to 73 - drain
It then stops draining and goes to 128 minutes again sits at 128 for 30 seconds then shuts off with no error on screen and does not show the Clean light.
Also not sure if relevant but if I stick my fingers in what I believe is the flood switch area the drain will kick on and keep running even if no water is in the bottom. No buttons on the washer will work and the screen will not come on if I trigger the drain this way. Only way to stop it is to flip the breaker.

Bad flood switch? Can the flood switch if bad cause these other issues?
Just pulled what I think is either the flood switch or the pressure switch. It is the switch connected to the pit right next to the drain pump. The switch port and the connecting tube had a lot of slime in it. I have removed the slime and cleaned out the hole on the pressure switch. I am going to test again and see what happens.


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Ran it again and this time it completed with heated dry and everything. Looks like it was not the control board but just a very clogged pressure switch.
Sorry, my bad, this is a fairly new issue that has cropped up on these GE dishwashers and I forgot about that pressure sensor that could cause this problem too.

The pressure sensor being clogged would cause that drain pump to keep running as well.

Look here:

Here's the pressure sensor for your model:

For others following your thread, Watch this video to access it:

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