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GDF535PSR0SS CSM tripping, All lights blinking


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Aug 12, 2021
Colorado Springs, CO
Model Number
1-5 years
I am working on a 1 year old GE dishwasher GDF535PSR0SS. During the normal cycle the CSM trips when the cycle gets to open the detergent door. I have entered the diagnostics mode and tested each component and found the CSM trips and all lights start blinking when it get to the dispenser door test. I have tested the solenoid and it has continuity and will open. It’ll run the express cycle with no issues. I have uninstalled it then performed the wash cycles and I can guarantee it has no leaks. I have also inspected the main wiring harness as well as the door harness but no issues or faults there. I have also replaced the main control board but the problem still persists.

Jake have any ideas?
No, sorry I don't on this one, its too new and I don't have the tech. data sheet or service manual for it as of yet.

All dishwashers come with a tech. data sheet, yours should be underneath the dishwasher on the left or right side tub frame leg supports.

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