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FIXED GDF540HMF4ES GE dishwasher still not heating/drying, tried multiple things, what's left?

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Feb 8, 2021
Kansas City
Model Number
1-5 years
Model Number: GDF540HMF4ES

I've taken apart and thoroughly cleaned everything, the old Flood Switch was indeed bad, replaced with new one & verified correct reading before installing.
Heating element resistance is 16 ohms (correct?)
Rinse aid dispenser is topped off.
Diagnostic mode (Start button + Select Cycle button) shows no LED error codes.
Our tap hot water is super hot (haven't measured but it feels plenty scalding)

I've searched & read so much and am fresh out of ideas, might anyone have a service manual for this particular model, or have any ideas on what's left to try? TCO?

F Swtich old.jpgF Swtich new.jpgGDF540HMF4ES.jpgGDF540HMF4ES tub.jpg
Yes, Check the tub TCO.

Here's the service manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/140Kbh3jsVCcr-y2MU82JBgMhWdCrKgky/view?usp=sharing Heating section starts on page 93.

Tub TCO:
•Location is bottom of tub, right side approx. 12 inches from front
•120 VAC, 210f +/- 10 Manual Reset
--->If the TCO trips – reset and replace the main control board.

Here's the main control board for your model:
Control Board WD21X22276

Here's the tub TCO, it only comes with a new pump.

Its the metal round piece with the violet wires going to it.

Make sure you disconnect power to the dishwasher before resetting it.

That's incredible, Jake you are better than google! Thanks for the service manual, I will be following the helpful flowchart.

The Parts are getting pricier to find and replace (fingers crossed it's unnecessary).
Main wash pump kit WD49X23778 / AP6261801 is out of stock at GE WD49X23778 Main Wash Pump Kit - AppliancePartsPros.com,
but I was able to find a WD21X20422 at
Sears Parts Direct, it looks like the round piece is included, do you know if will this work if needed?

This might become obvious once I get to the component, but how does one manually reset the TCO then check whether it trips? (is there a mechanical switch/toggle or do I dip it in near boiling water?)
Thanks again, I'm learning my way thru all this as I go!


Ok, The manufacturer has replaced part number WD21X20422 with part number WD49X23778.:)

But like I mentioned above:

Tub TCO:
•Location is bottom of tub, right side approx. 12 inches from front
•120 VAC, 210f +/- 10 Manual Reset
--->If the TCO trips – reset and replace the main control board.

The TCO is resettable, so your chances of needing that is very low. If you can reset it and it heats, then you just need to order the machine control board I posted the link to in post #2 above.

Well, I finally got to testing the continuity of the TCO pins and try resetting it if necessary and just o_O, I'm going to let the picture of what I saw do the elaborating.


Short story short, continuity did in fact check out, I plugged the somehow floating connector into the blade, started a test wash, and EVERYTHING WORKS!! :geek:

Thanks for the suggestions, diagrams, and manual Jake, you are a regular life saver, here and probably elsewhere! 🙏
Excellent, glad that loose wire to the TCO was all the problem it was.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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