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GDF570SSJ2SS GE Dishwasher - Does not run a wash cycle


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May 23, 2023
New York
Model Number
6-10 years
My dishwasher is loosing it, it seems to properly do the pre wash cycle, but when it's time to do the main wash, it fills with water, heater is running hot and nothing, no circulation of water, and it continues like that until the end. (fill and empty multiple time but no spinning, the soap still in the dispenser)
Similar in autosense or normal, with or without temp boost.

I ran various tests in service mode, no issues there.
Water level is correct, water is hot.

Does it make sense to replace the main control board ?


Page 55 is the No Circulation Flow Chart, do that first: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M-G9W3HiaYnihdB5Cy-jfSPoVf8DZ7j7/view?usp=sharing

Circulation Pump will not run--->Access main control, place dishwasher in service mode, check for 120 Volts AC on connector J702 Pin 2(YB) to Pin 3(CR) there is a misprint, it should be connector J703 not J702.

--->Here's the machine control board for your model: WD21X24901 Machine Control

Circulation Motor Fuse
A circulation pump motor fuse is located on the main control board. If found open while testing for no circulation pump operation, the main control and circulation pump must be replaced.

If 120 VAC is not volts at MC J703-2 to J703-3, check the fuse at the points shown in the below illustration. If an open circuit is seen, replace the main control and circulation pump.

Here's the circulation pump(wash motor) for your model:
Circulation Pump WD26X23258

Here's another member that had this exact same problem:

Let us know what you find.
Ok, then it is possibly the machine control board causing this problem, since the Circulation Motor is running in service mode fine.

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