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FIXED GDF610PMJ2ES GE Dishwasher won't heat.

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Aug 5, 2018
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We were given this dishwasher knowing that it wouldn't heat but if it can be fixed we need it.

Everything operates correctly except the heat. It is correctly connected to hot water. We have tested the temperature at the faucet and it is about 120. We tested the temperature after it filled up and the water in the bottom is at most 99. The dishwasher is a little way from the water heater so we lose a little heat. I have also tested the temperature of the heating element during the heating cycle and it is the same as the water temperature so it is definitely not heating.

We removed the element and tested it for continuity and it registers 17.5 ohms.

We removed the Flood Switch (part number WD21X10519) but don't see a way to test it. If we shake it, the float does rattle. But it has a plug with 7 pins (4 used) and I have no clue how to test it on a meter. I read that the thermostat is inside this Flood Switch. ?????

I attempted to check the error fault codes and the only number that came up was either 815 or B15. Neither of which is referenced anywhere.

I do not have the wiring diagram and if anyone does, it would be appreciated.


EDITED to ADD: We found what looks like a thermostat that is up against the bottom (inside it is opposite a bump molded into the plastic) We checked its continuity (unplugged from the wire connectors but still mounted to the dishwasher) and got between 8 and 12.
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I just ordered the float switch. We'll see if it fixes it. Otherwise, return the part and well....back to the old dishwasher...
Does all of the info that I gave?

So does all of the info that I gave, seem right? Numbers all point to the flood switch? And yes, that is the same part number that I ordered.
Yes, the numbers all point to a flood switch problem.

Part came yesterday...Got it installed today.

Several hours of research...$30 dollars of parts...FIXED and now have a one year old dishwasher that was free. So...a one year old dishwasher for $30 !!

It works.

We're back in business. Thanks.

Anyone have a fridge that needs some work? HaHa.

Edited to add: I got the wiring diagram from GE so if anyone needs it...
Excellent, glad to hear the new flood switch fixed it.:)

Thanks for the update!

Just wanted to reply and say thanks. I found this thread and others:
https://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/threads/57130-GDT580SGF0WW-GE-dishwasher-not-heating-tried-several-things-What-s-next and

I had the same issue. My GE CDT765 also stopped drying dishes. I tested the heating element and it was fine at 16.1 ohms. Tested the TCO and found it had tripped open. I manually reset it by pressing in the plunger on the back and it tested good for continuity. I tested the TCO by putting a lighter to it and it tripped when it got too hot. I manually reset it again and tried the dishwasher thinking I had fixed it by resetting the TCO. Still didn't work. At that point I was ready to give up and "call a guy". But before I did, I found this site and the recommendations to check the flood switch. I went ahead and ordered it for $30, replaced it last night, and the dishwasher is heating again.

Thanks again for a great site!
Excellent Mallig, glad the new flood switch fixed yours too.:)

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