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FIXED GDF610PMJ2ES GE Profile Dishwasher no lights on door control panel.


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Jun 15, 2021
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1-5 years
We have a GE profile dishwasher that all the sudden stopped showing lights on the door control panel. Holding the start and cycle select together will not go into service mode.

I took the kickplate off and confirmed that there is 120 V at the main control board and we have a green solid light on the main control board. Disconnected the wire that goes up to the door and when I reconnected it the panel on the door lit up and allowed us to run a cycle. It was OK for the next few days and then the panel went out again and once again I disconnected the wire and reconnected it and the panel it back up and allowed us to run for a few more days.

Today the issue happened again but this time unplugging the wire that runs up to the door and plugging it back in does not reset the door.

I pulled the door off pulled the control panels out and ran an ohm meter across the wiring harness to confirm continuity across the harness and there are no broken connections in the wiring harness.

Is it the door control board that I need to replace or the main control board? Each is about $99 and I would prefer her not to get it wrong.

Hi Stuart, You will need a multimeter to verify this first.

If the machine control board(underneath the dishwasher) STATUS LED is Steady ON: UI personality not set, communications lost between UI(User Interface) and MC(Machine Control Board).

Here's the UI(user interface) Board for your model you can order: WD21X23462 Kit Svc Ui Top Logic

To verify that--->The UI operational voltage is output from the main control board on connector J722 pin 2 black/green to pin 5 yellow/blue. If 13.5 Volts DC is found here, then replace the UI Board.

Snapshot_2 (1).jpg

That J722 connector is on the other side of the control board, look here:


It's the one on the left above the ethernet port.:)

Let us know how it goes.

I just did that this morning and I get 14v across those two wires at the control UI board side of the harness. So I guess time to order the UI board.
Yes Stuart, you are absolutely correct, you'll need to order and replace the UI Board and that will fix it.

Remember to set the jumpers on the new UI Board before you install it. The instructions always come with the new UI Board and shows you how to set the jumpers.

--->If the personality is not set by using the 4 jumpers, the buttons, LED’s or cycles will not function properly.


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