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GDF610PMJ5ES GE Dishwasher Dead.


Apr 24, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Hey AB,

My parents had their GE dishwasher go out and it Looks like it might be the same problem as in this thread below. I have read this thread about 10 times to make sure I didnt miss anything but just wanted to make sure:

I currently do not have any signs of life from the buttons on the front panel. No lights, no LCD display, no sounds, etc. Holding Select Cycle and Start buttons for 5 seconds also does nothing, I have tried about 2 dozen times. I have killed the breaker multiple times and let it sit for upwards of an hour and tested that im getting 120v in.

I dropped the MC tray to find a solid green LED. STEADY ON=UI personality not set, communications lost between UI and MC per Jake and the service manual I found online.

Per Jake:
"For all models except GDF510J, the UI operational voltage is output from the main control board on connector J722 pin 2 black/green to pin 5 yellow/black.

If 13.5 VDC is not found here, then replace the main control board"

I found what i believe to be the J722 connector on the bottom of the MC (bottom, all the way to the left, 5 wires with proper colors) I tried testing the second Green black and 5th blue yellow and I get no reading.

This is the part I wanted to make sure I was understanding. Im measuring this by unplugging the white J722 connector from the MC and then measuring the GB/BY wires. At this point, that connector is off of the MC. If those 2 wires do not show a reading that is supposed to mean the MC is fried? Or am I supposed to test those 2 wires while J722 is still connected to the MC?

So me (not knowing anything) I would think if you unplugged J722 from the MC and tested it and you get no reading, that means something else down the chain is busted an not giving power to the MC.

Im probably just way over thinking this but I want to make sure I am supposed to read J722 while it is unhooked from the MC to determine if the MC is blown.

Thanks in advance!
Or am I supposed to test those 2 wires while J722 is still connected to the MC?
That's what you need to do. While its STILL connected to the Main control. If you get 13.5 to 14.0 volts DC, then the problem is the UI Board. Here's the UI Board for your model: WD21X31902

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