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FIXED GDF630PSM3SS GE Dishwasher Circulation Pump Won't Run


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Oct 12, 2022
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1-5 years

My dishwasher stopped working a couple weeks ago. It would fill with water but not circulate water or drain.

I went through the service mode tests and both the circulation pump and drain pump were unresponsive. The drain pump tested fine on my multimeter so went ahead and replaced the drain/wash pump motor fuse on the main control board. I ran the washer again and the replacement fuse fixed the drain pump but the circulation motor still did not engage.

Since I had no way of testing the circ pump for connectivity I replaced it. However, the new pump does not run either. The fuse is still fine as the drain pump still works. I also get 120 volts at the connector that goes into the circ pump and my main control board is flashing green.

I am out of ideas, appreciate any assistance.

Hi Neil, If you get 120 volts to the circulation pump(wash motor) and it doesn't run, then that's the bad part, plain and simple. If you just got it new, then contract the place you got it from and they should be able to exchange it for another new one.

To verify that, Look on Page 55 of the service manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1csheGsbSmPFRON5ThkhhwfvZ6saWoxHc/view

--->Access main control, place dishwasher in Service Mode, run circulation and drain tests. Check for 120 VAC on connector J705 pin 2 (YB) to pin 3 (CR) for circulation pump and pin 2 (YB) to pin 1 (BW). Is there 120 Volts AC?

Here's the circulation pump(wash motor) for your model:

Thank you, Jake. I thought that was a possibility but it seemed remote. I will get a new motor and update if it works.

Yes Neil, any part can come bad right of the box, due to shipping damage or just defective from the factory, its rare but can happen.

Since you are getting 120 volts AC to it, and its not running, then that has to be the problem, see what I mean?

Jake - I installed the new circ pump last night and the problem is solved. Thanks a lot for your help.
Excellent Neil, glad to hear the new circulation pump(wash motor) fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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