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GDF640HGM2SS UI board no response after power on.


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Mar 6, 2023
Missouri City, Texas USA 77459
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1-5 years
Hi Jake,

My dishwasher model is GDF640HGM2SS, UI board is no response for the power on, no led on.
I checked the control board, the service led flashing like normal, check input 120vac power good, dc power from pin 2 to pin 5 to UI board is 13.5vdc, correct. make sure the connection to UI board is good, there is 13.5vdc to the UI board, door switch and harness no short and broken, working good. I replaced the old UI board with a new one, no good, the issue is the same. Then I changed with a new control board, still the same. there is no response for the power on and no led on. Can you tell what I can do for this situation? This dishwasher is just less than 3 years old, one day before was working fine, next day suddenly no start and no response at all.


Hi Jack, Are you sure your model number is GDF640HGM2SS? I can only pull up GDF640HGM2BB

Actaully if the CSM was tripped, resetting the breaker to the dishwasher does reset the CSM and the dishwasher will come back to life.

Here's the service manual for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1csheGsbSmPFRON5ThkhhwfvZ6saWoxHc/view?usp=sharing

No Display or LED's won't light:
1. Check for 120 VAC entering the main control.
If no volts are found, check the home breaker.
--->2. Attempt to enter Consumer Error Mode. If LED's light the CSM is tripped. Consult On the Main Control Board CSM section(PAGE 46) of this service guide to diagnose and repair.
3. Check the door harness connections.
Also, the UI Board part number was WD21X32006 its changed to WD21X31898 and no longer available.

The manufacturer has replaced part number WD21X32006 with part number WD21X31898 which is No Longer Available at AppliancePartsPros.

Note: The customer needs to contact the manufacturer.

The weird thing is the UI Board shows at GE's site as good and in-stock: https://www.geapplianceparts.com/store/parts/spec/WD21X32006
The model number is correct, I copied it from the dishwasher door. As I have wall switch to turn on the dishwasher power, I reset the power many times. If CSM tripped, should reset it. I checked the ac/dc voltage all good. I changed the UI board and control board but the issue still persists the same. The new PCB board numbers I bought from GE are "WD21X32165 and WD21X31898", I checked the number match the dishwasher before purchasing. Please help to confirm they are the right parts to replace old one.
The door switch and harnesses are checked good, also connection from control board to UI board were checked Pin to Pin, all good, there is 13.5Vdc to UI board, but no code no led showing on front panel, no button work too. I guess the new boards may not configurate well. No clue what I can do now. Please advise what else I can do.

Those part numbers I posted are correct.

Note: The customer needs to contact the manufacturer at 1-800-432-2737

GE Technicians use laptop diagnostics to diagnose this usual problem, it plugs into the control board ethernet to get to the root of the problem.

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