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GDP665SYN0FS GE dishwasher H2O code keeps coming on


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Jul 15, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
My dishwasher started cutting off after 1-2 minutes of running. There were no codes shown or any lights on. It started working normally for about a week and then started cutting off 1-2 minutes into the cycle and showed the code H2O.

I checked the pressure sensor, which was partially clogged, cleaned it. That didn’t work.

I read on here that it could be the machine control board, so I replaced that and I’m still getting the code.

There’s no kinks in any of the lines. Water pressure seems to be fine.

I also ran some diagnostic tests. The first test (drain pump) failed. The second test (water valve) passed. Then I ran the first test again and it passed?
This is the machine control board that I have just replaced and I’m still getting the H2O code.

There’s water coming into the dishwasher but I’m not sure how to determine if it’s filling to the proper level because it cuts off before it finishes filling.

Any other suggestions?
Only other things that might effect the filling that I am aware of:
- house water feed
- fill valve
- pressure switch
- low drain hose (syphoning)

Sorry couldn't help more.

jeff sr.

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