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GDT635HSJ2SS GE dishwasher control board status led off


Jan 13, 2023
Sacramento, CA
Model Number
6-10 years
Randomly the display on my GDT635HSJ2SS GE Dishwasher stopped turning on. Didn't respond to any button presses. I ignored it and magically the next day it was working as normal again. Unfortunately, a week later it didn't turn on again.

Learning from this site I performed Main Control Board check.

Status LED solid green - check
120V supplied at junction box - check
14v supplied to UI harness - check

Ok, UI board must be bad so I ordered a UI board. The next day, the stupid dishwasher was magically functioning again without any changes.

The UI board arrives in the mail a few days later, I go check on the dishwasher, it's not functioning.

- "Start" light blinking green
- Orange light near handle is blinking
- 3 beeps every few seconds/minutes
- dishwasher doesn't start

Ok... this normally means the door latch is broken and doesn't get detected as CLOSED, But I am thinking it's just the UI Board acting up again so I replace the UI board (personality 11) as planned.

After the replacement nothing changes. It still has the same problem, the machine still thinks the door latch is not closed. Pissed, I go check the Main Control Board

Status LED is now permanently off. What the crap!

I am trying to figure out if I just wasted $120 on a UI Board when the Main Control Board was the problem all along. But then why was the Status LED green the first time I checked it.

What do you think? Should I order a new Main Control Board?

Hoping someone can help me before I lose more hair.

Update: After plugging and unplugging the power chord a few times, it ran like normal again... wtf...
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Well from what your saying is it looks like both went bad on you, because you were getting 14 volts DC to the UI Board from the machine control board(underneath the dishwasher), so your machine control board underneath the dishwasher WAS fine, the UI Board WAS the faulty part.

Here's the UI Board for your model: WD21X31902

Now with the machine control board(underneath the dishwasher) STATUS LED is STEADY OFF, that indicates the machine control board(underneath the dishwasher) is bad too.

Here's the machine control board(under the dishwasher) for your model: WD21X24900C

Let us know how it goes.

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