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GDT655SMJ0ES - No UI Board Power


Mar 30, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello, Master Jake,

I believe I have a bad UI board.
Status LED is solid green...

However, I am posting as I believe this to be strange.
I just replaced the control board (WD21X24901) less than wo weeks ago after getting the 815 error.

It seems I am having issues after leaving the door open for a duration of time.
Prior to replacing the board, I would have intermittent issues after the door was left open, that a breaker reset often fixed.
Now, after replacing the board due to a stuck 815 code, and again leaving the door open (approx. 24 hr.), the UI board has no power or control.
Solid green LED...

Are these in any way relatable? or a crazy coincidence.

Logical next step is WD21X23462 replacement, however, wanted to check here first before $.


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
Was all the electrical connections plugged into the machine control board underneath the dishwasher when you saw it STEADY ON?

If so, If the STATUS LED on the machine control board underneath the dishwasher is SOLID GREEN(STEADY ON), then its usually a bad UI(User Interface) Board.

Here's the UI(user interface) Board for your model: WD21X23462 Kit Svc Ui Top Logic

RepairClinic has it in-stock: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/User-Control-And-Display-Board/WD21X23462/4587221

You can verify that will a multimeter. The UI operational voltage is output from the main control on connector J722 pin 2 black/green to pin 5 yellow/blue. If 13.5 Volts DC is there, replace the UI Board.

Before you replace the UI Board you MUST set the personality jumpers, the instructions always come with the new UI Board and shows you how to set the jumpers.

--->If the personality is not set by using the 4 jumpers, the buttons, LED’s or cycles will not function properly.

Snapshot_2 (1).jpg

Connector J722 is located on the metal casing side of the main control board.


It's the one on the left above the ethernet port.:)

Let us know what you find.