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GDT655SSJ0SS Stopped working after 10 minutes - will not cycle again yet timer counts down


Mar 10, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
We have a GDT655SSJ0SS dishwasher.

For the last several months I would hear the machine cycle without water after the first 5 minuets or so. That seemed strange but I let it go. Dishes always came out clean and all was well.

Yesterday, I started it and it did the same thing however this time it no longer will finish the cycle. I opened it up checked the filters, cleaned them etc. Nothing to bad there, general buildup removed as normal.

Re-started after attempting to reset - Reset by holding down the start to reset as well shutting off the breaker. After shutting off the breaker we now at least have blinking lights. Yet same thing, it will not engage a cycle.

Need some assistance - what's next - what else should we try. Anyone know what the problem is?
Hi, Check your machine control board STATUS LED, Tell us how many times its flashing in a row, or if its STEADY ON or STEADY OFF.

--->Here's the machine control board for your model: WD21X24901 Machine Control

To view the STATUS LED, remove the lower access panel of your dishwasher. You DO NOT have remove the control board from its metal casing when you view the STATUS LED.

GE control 3.jpg

When you have that panel lowered down turn the breaker back ON to your dishwasher. When viewing it leave all the electrical connectors to it plugged in.

D-GE control board status led.jpg

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