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GDT655SSJ2SS GE Dishwasher - Another Dead UI Board?


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Feb 28, 2017
Model Number
1-5 years
Wife's boss' GE GDT655SSJ2SS went dead on them. This will be my 5th GE dishwasher flip because of a UI board if I've finally got this figured out.

Anyway, the main control board LED stays solid green while power is supplied and no buttons work up on the UI panel. Based on the other 4 I've done this indicates a bad UI board, yeah?

Can someone please confirm WD21X31902 is my new UI board PN?

Additionally, I totally know the answer but I have to ask. :) I hulk smashed our personal GE dishwasher door a few months back (before the UI board died!!!!) so I saved the boards/pumps/racks/etc on the chance I could reuse it someday. That was a PDT825SSJ2SS with a UI board WD21X32005. Exact same buttons as this GDT655. So, no way these boards are interchangeable is there? They don't appear to supersede each other in any of the literature but if I'm sitting on a $100 part in the garage that I can use then I want to.

Thanks everyone!
WD21X31902 is the correct part number for the UI control board for your model
( replaces WD21X23702)
as far as using the spare parts , I can not confirm . Try it , can't hurt anything
Yes, the UI Board is the culprit. Here's the UI Board for your model: WD21X31902

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