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FIXED GDT665SSN0SS GE Dishwasher always stops around 70 minutes and does not complete cycle


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Feb 7, 2023
United States
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1-5 years

I am having an issue where my GDT665SSN0SS stops around 70 minutes in the cycle and does not complete the cycle. The dishwasher will complete a cycle randomly, but mostly I get incomplete cycles. I have looked at the other threads discussing the GE dishwashers stopping mid cycle, here is the work I have conducted so far:
1. Replaced the control board
-The cycle would stop within 2 to 20 minutes, so I replaced the board. The dishwasher runs longer now, but the dishwahser will not complete a cycle most of the time.
2. Cleaned the pressure sensor
-I did find the pressure sensor had some debris in it. I cleaned and reinstalled, the cycle will not complete.

Other observations:
I started to get H20 errors at the start of a cycle last week. I could restart the dishwasher and eventually the cycle would start. This happened then the cycle would stop at 2 minutes to 20 minutes. I replaced the control board at this point.

Its possible the incomplete cycle issue has been ongoing and I really did not notice this until the control board replacement.

I have not checked for error codes. That is my next step.

Are there any other actions I can take to see what is wrong?


Here's the service manual for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15CmFe-hcufL5XUJPsqlEN3AzwDZ6z0M-/view?usp=share_link

In the event the internal water level does not change, the cycle will be cancelled and the user interface will display the following:
--->Models with SSD (Seven Segment Display) Screens: H20 will be displayed on the SSD screen.

Follow the flow chart on page 52. Make sure the fill time is 60 seconds and the water inlet valve screen is not clogged with sediment. Turn the water supply off to the machine and check the water inlet valve screen.

You can see the screen in it in the photo below:
Water Inlet Valve WD15X26140

Let us know how it goes.
Hi Jake

Thanks for the response!

I checked the water inlet value screen. It looks clean. I have a picture attached.

I went into Error mode. Here is what I observed:
1. I saw 371, indicating the software version
2. The LEDs operated correctly based on the door status check
3. I saw a 56 on the SSD, but only the Lock LED was lit

I exited Error mode, and checked again. This time, there was only a code 0 at the end.

I went into service mode and timed the water valve using test #2. The test ran for 1 minute and 5 seconds, meaning from the beginning of the test to when the valve stopped filling the tub.

I exited service mode. I tried to run a Normal cycle, the dishwasher stopped after about 1 minute of run time. No error codes on the SSD.

I enter Error Mode and observed a code 56 again.

Any advice on what I can check next?


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I was able to get a normal cycled started. The cycle ran until 72 minutes. The dishwasher sounded like it was trying to run a drain cycle that did not end. No error codes on the display.
I am happy to report I have ran 2 cycles successfully! I replaced the pressure sensor and this has improved the operation of the unit compared to where I was on my last post.

Thanks for your help with this! I really appreciate it!
Excellent, glad to hear the new pressure sensor fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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