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FIXED GDT695SMJ0ES GE Dishwasher; Has Power but nothing lights up

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Sep 10, 2020
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1-5 years
I've tried a reset of the breaker and I get nothing. I've tried to enter service mode and nothing lights up. I have even tried to enter service mode with the Cycle Select/Start for 5 seconds and then Cycle Select for 5 seconds to look at the LED on the machine control board, which stays solid green. I'm not sure where to go from here.

If the STATUS LED on the machine control board is SOLID GREEN(STEADY ON), then its likely a bad UI(User Interface) Board.

Here's the UI(user interface) Board for your model you can order: WD21X23462 Kit Svc Ui Top Logic

You can verify that will a multimeter. The UI operational voltage is output from the main control on connector J722 pin 2 black/green to pin 5 yellow/blue. If 13.5 Volts DC is NOT there, replace the main control.

If 13.5 Volts DC is there, replace the UI Board.:)

Snapshot_2 (1).jpg

That J722 connector is on the other side of the control board, look here:


It's the one on the left above the ethernet port.:)

Let us know what you find.

So I did what you said and I couldn't get a reading with my larger pins so I was going to go look for another multimeter connector. I plugged it back into the board so nothing would get into the holes and my lights lit up on the controls. I was able to start a load and I'll see if this stays working but I have a feeling it will crap out again soon.
Usually it craps out again.

Rick posted a diagram of how to use safety pins on your meter leads to get a good reading.

safety pin 500x250.jpg

Thanks Jake! I'll have to try this.

I assume it's going to go again but I'm getting some dishes done while I can...lol
Yes, they always do it again after it works awhile.:)

So I replaced the UI board and nothing so then I replaced the main control board and I have nothing.
Ok, The UI operational voltage is output from the main control on connector J722 pin 2 black/green to pin 5 yellow/blue.

If 13.5 Volts DC is NOT there, replace the main control.
If 13.5 Volts DC is there, replace the UI Board.

You need to check for 13.5 Volts DC so we can verify which is the bad part.

The UI Board ALWAYS comes with instructions that tell you how to set the personality jumpers. If you didn't set the jumpers before you installed the new UI Board, you will have to do that now, or it will not work at all.

I have the same DW. I have relaced the UI. I also replaced the control board by mistake due to measuring the voltage on the wrong pins, my bad! FYI: The UI board DOES NOT have personality jumpers! Neither the old board nor the replacement. The new board did not awake until the power was off for a few hours, then the DW awoke and ran a complete cycle.

After the DW set with the door closed for a period of time the UI will go to sleep and not awake when the door is opened. I can disconnect the power for a few hours, the UI will awake and run as normal. This DW has a new control board as stated above.

I have checked the switch in the door lock it seem to operate properly. Its a simple switch with a circuit board. It opens and closes. Checked with my meter. What gives?
The original UI Board does NOT have jumpers, but the new UI Board ALWAYS comes with jumpers and the instruction sheet to show you how to set the jumpers on your model.

So, I'd contact the place where you got it from and tell them that, because the new UI Board will not work without setting the jumpers on the new board.

See the instruction sheet and jumpers in this photo:
dishwasher 05.jpg

The board I purchased is the same board as the original without the jumpers, not the replacement board. The board did come with the instruction sheet but, the board does not have jumpers. When I get the UI to light up the machine runs properly. All of the buttons perform as designed. The online part houses all showed the part on backorder, unavailable till mid June. So, I purchased the board on eBay because, I could not find the board. At that point I did NOT know that GE had updated the UI. I have deceided that the issue is still the UI so, I have ordered the GE updated UI board.
Yes, because the NEW GE UI Boards for your model ALWAYS comes with jumpers and the instructions.

I have now replaced the UI board, the control board and the door latch, the washer will not run. I get the flashing LED's when I put the machine into error mode (cycle and start together). This indicates an open door situation. So I replaced the door switch. No change!The LED on the control board is a steady burn no flashes. The mini service manual says that I have a software problem? I have 2 control boards, the original and a new board. I bought the new board do to an error I made on measuring the voltage to the UI. I have a steady burn of the LED on both of my control boards. If its a software problem how do I update the software or is there another fix? The new board is a WD2124901 per the box. The software version DishMC Version 8.19 per the board sticker.
Ok, until you realize I'm telling you the truth about the NEW UI BOARDS that come with jumpers and instructions ON YOUR MODEL, there is nothing else I can do for you.

If you don't believe me, click this link--->https://www.applianceblog.com/mainf...1&c[nodes][0]=57&c[prefixes][0]=1&o=relevance

You will see 7 pages full of FIXED dishwashers that use that same UI Board yours does, and they all came with jumpers and instructions together and it FIXED THEM ALL!!!

Jake, I always believed you. I was just having a problem finding the original board. When I found a board on eBay I purchased it with trepidation. After installation the DW ran but, had some symptoms of the UI I replaced. I had purchased the updated board when I found out GE had a new board. I have now installed the updated UI board when the older version UI failed again or appears to have failed. I have set the jumpers on the UI according to the instructions. I now have a what appears to be a communications error between the control board and the UI. The UI responds with the 3 beeps and the flashing LED when it checks for a open/closed door. Out of superstitions I replaced the door lock still the no start flashing LED. of course that failed to solve the no run. I have checked the continuity on the door switch at the board, 3 pin to the 4 pin and 5 pin checks open when the door is open connected when the door is closed. I was looking for a bad harness from the switch to the board. I have a working latch and harness. The control board has a steady burn LED indication per the mini service sheet a software error replace board. I had a second control board so I installed the other board same steady burn.

So, I have a new UI, the updated version, a new control board, I bought one due to my error in checking for voltage to the UI and a new door latch. Where do I need to look now?

Update: I have checked the wiring harness from the UI plug to the control board, no broken wires. I have continuity on each wire at the plugs. I have reset the number 4 jumper to off, jumpers 8 2 1 are on. Installed door plugged in all connectors to the control board. Run error check , Select Cycle and Start held together, all LED's flash then lock LED is lit. The control board still has a steady LED lit. Which board is bad? Or what do I check now?
If the machine control board underneath the dishwasher has the LED STEADY ON that means---> UI personality not set, communications lost between UI and MC.

That always indicated the UI Board is the problem. So it has to be the UI Board, that's all it can be.

I've checked a few part sites and everyone seems to be "out of stock" on them. So its just a waiting game now.

That was my assessment also, it had to be the UI board. Just my luck I get a bad board. I ordered a board last night, its suppose to arrive on Monday. Thank You Jake, for confirming my assessment.
Glad to help!

I received the new UI board a few days sooner that expected so, I replace the UI dishwasher is running as expected. No issues! Jake, thanks for your help.
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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