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GE AEL05LXQ2 window A/C - Now it cools ya, now it don't


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Jun 9, 2021
Albany, NY
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1-5 years
Hi! Posting a question because it doesn't seem that obvious, at least to me.

Picked up a small GE AEL05LXQ2 window A/C that was left by prior tenants, marked "free, take it." Great! It was starting to get hot out. I put in in the window, blocked it in with gaskets, reset the in-line breaker and turned it on. It cooled the room nicely!

Next day I turned it back on. Nothing but room-temperature air. I tried High Cool, Low Cool, leaving it off for a couple hours ... nothing, although the whole time I could hear the compressor coming on when I dialed the thermostat from warmer to colder.

Left it off for 2 days, then turned it on. Ah! 62° at the outlet on a 90° day. But not for long. Soon the output temperature (there is no outside-air diverter, it only draws air from inside and blows it back out) crept up into the 70s and beyond.

So naturally, I first consulted The Google, which is full of videos of useless window A/Cs that start warm and stay warm, prove to have tons of nasty dusty gunk inside and, once cleaned, work like a champ.

Here's the problem. I took the cover off mine and to my surprise, both the evaporator and condenser were in near-new condition, each on both sides, almost 100% clean.

More extraneous detail: when operated with the cover off, the compressor outlet tube gets warm, but never hot enough that I can't comfortably touch it for 20 seconds or more. The condenser does not get warm. The condenser outflow tube goes into a small coil of what looks like very small, black plastic tubing which is coolish, but the larger brass tube that leads from that to the evaporator is cold and is collecting frost. The evaporator fins are not cold to the touch at all. Both fans are on the same shaft and spin fast.

Any clues why it doesn't cool the air? Many thanks for any contributions and hints...


Dan O.

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Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
If the compressor is definitely running but it is not cooling, there is either a problem with the compressor or the refrigerant charge. If it ever cools properly, the refrigerant has to be OK leaving just the compressor as the likely problem.

The compressor may have an intermittent internal problem (possibly bad valves). While an intermittent compressor malfunction is pretty unusual, it is not impossible. If that is what is occurring the compressor would need to be replaced to correct the condition and it is unlikely to be cost effective to do so.

Either put up with its intermittent operation or replace the whole A/C.


BTW. That appears to be a 'throw-way' model as well as very few repair parts were ever even available for it. Nothing but the front grill, mounting hardware and remote control are listed in its parts list.

Dan O.