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Sep 6, 2022
New York
Model Number
1-5 years

I am having an issue with a GE Café French Door refrigerator I purchased recently from a second hand seller. Upon taking it home and plugging it in, we realized quite soon that the fridge does not get any cold air through the damper. When plugging it in for the first time, the damper opens as it should and stays open for an unknown amount of time (maybe around an hour), and then closes. Once it is closed it never opens again. Meanwhile the freezer is BLASTING non stop. Our ice trays look like they have been on the North Pole after an hour, they're so covered with snow/ice. I also constantly get an error message from the Smart HQ app saying that the freezer is over 20F. From my own measurements it's about -8F, even when it's set to 5F. So the freezer is running really hard. I also hear a hum that increases in frequency about every 45 seconds or so, it sounds almost like some kind of mechanical execution is trying to happen but not quite succeeding, if that makes sense.

So far, these tests have been done by me or the appliance tech who has now been to my house FOUR times:
- All thermistors tested through diagnostics, all clearing. Appliance tech ran those, and said it cleared all diagnostics in general.
- Confirming that the damper mechanically works, we can get it to open when we plug the fridge in.
- Thermistor in the light was swapped since the previous owners had done shoddy work on it, but It was still functional
- New main board
- Last time the appliance tech was at our house he found that the thermistor In the freezer was VERY defective and was reading the temp was 50F inside the freezer. Finally, we thought, our problem was solved. He swapped it to a new one and we thought all was good, but nevertheless the problem persists.

What are our options here? Seller ghosted us so we can't return it, they were definitely aware of the problem. Does anyone have any thoughts of what might be causing this? I am getting really desperate after almost two months without a fridge. Attaching a pic of what our ice trays look like after just a few hours in the freezer.



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