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FIXED GE Cafe CSHS5UGXCSS control board going blank when dispensing ice


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Jan 29, 2023
Columbus, Ohio
Model Number
More than 10 years
2009 GE Café Model CSHS5UGXCSS

Intermittent Issue: When attempting to get ice (sometimes water also but mostly ice), the dispenser control panel will go blank and come back on without ice dispensing. If the lever is held in, the display will go blank, come back on, and go blank again, with no ice dispensing. Eventually, the ice will dispense, the dispense light will be dim, and once the ice chute closes, the light will brighten.

Sometimes, switching to water, dispensing some water into a glass, and switching back to the ice, will enable the ice to dispense.

There is an unused three-pin connector below the left door (possibly a test connector). In testing the voltage between pin 2 (red) and pin 3 (black), I get anywhere between 13.31V to 13.44V. When selecting ice, and pressing the lever, I can measure anywhere between 7.9V to 12.7V when the ice is dispensing. When the voltage is near 8V, the dispenser light is dim. Once the flap closes, the voltage will rise to ~13.34V, and the light will brighten.

When the panel blanked out, the voltage dropped to 6.9V. When there is no issue dispensing ice, the voltage is 12.57V while dispensing, rising back to ~13.34 after the chut closes.
Another member had this same issue:

Like I mentioned to him:
It sounds more like a motherboard problem.

Pull the refrigerator out from the wall, then unplug it. Then open up the metal access cover on the back cabinet of the refrigerator and behind that cover is your motherboard, look at it closely to see if you notice any burnt or discoloration on that board.

Here's the motherboard for your model:
WR55X10775 Board Asm Main Control

Let us know what you find.
You are correct! Attached is a photo of the main control board. The same two chips have failed. There are also a few capacitors that appear to be failing also (the tops are starting to buldge).
I'll order a new board assembly and report back after installation.

Thank you!


  • Main control board assembly.jpg
    Main control board assembly.jpg
    420.5 KB · Views: 59
Yes, I see that, good photo!

The motherboard will fix it.:)

Let us know how it goes.
The new motherboard has fixed the issue! I have included a photo of the same chips on the new main board.
Thanks, Jake!


  • New Board.jpg
    New Board.jpg
    383.2 KB · Views: 41
Excellent, glad to hear the motherboard(aka main board) fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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