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GE Cafe Double Oven CGS990SET7SS bottom oven won't heat AFTER ignitor and deflector assembly replacement


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Feb 16, 2023
North of Boston
Model Number
6-10 years
Sorry ..I'm at my wits very end, hopefully you fine folks can help, but bear with me.

Issue happen a couple months ago and after searching blogs and posts online, i found a possible cause .. a burnt out ignitor.

After researching how to replace it, i ordered a new one (from Amazon because i have Prime and they handle returns - if needed, great) and when the part came in, the ignitor coil (for lack of better term), was broken. The packing was horrible, sticking the ignitor coil into a block of foam whereas the rest of the ignitor was free to get tossed around in the box .. ultimately breaking the "coil".

So i returned it and got it replaced .. somehow someway the new one showed, package the same way but was not broken this time .. so with the help of my youngest son, (I'm a fat man with chipped bones in both knees) under my direction he removed everything necessary and successfully replaced the ignitor .. stressing out the whole time trying to to damage the new one. But i noticed when removing the deflector assembly that there seemed to be what looked like a bullet hole, but from in between the bottom of the pan and opposite side of the shield, which lined up with where the ignitor sat.
Ignorantly and stupidly i had my son re-assemble the damaged deflector assembly. Low and behold .. trying the bottom over worked ... for about 20 minutes. Then there was a low decibel pop and the oven never held the heat and eventually cooled.

So .. this time, with my model number, i went directly to GE, ordered yet another ignitor AND the complete deflector assembly.

They came separately, the deflector assembly first. then a few days later, the ignitor. And the latest new ignitor was .. packaged the same was as the others and yes, also broken.
I got on the phone with GE, the rep was very helpful and apologetic and sent another new one which i received a mere few days later (today actually).

i didnt have my son to help, so i did it myself .. took my time .. had gym mats to awkwardly kneel on. i was successful carefully replacing the ignitor and when it came time to put the new deflector assembly in, i noticed that the heat shield on the new one and the damaged one were different. They installed the original heat shield upside down ! So the vital cut out that sits just above the ignitor, was at the other side .. causing the heat to apparently burn that bullet like hole and break the ignitor.

Long story longer .. i got everything buttoned up .. confident that this oven will last longer than the 8 years ive had it and ... the lower oven will not heat up.

im so very sorry for the length of this, ive never posted to a board and i want everyone to get the complete picture.
ANY help would be so appreciated.

thank you a million times in advance and im sorry if i broke rules with my post .. i dont know what else to do


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Here's the lower oven deflector/bottom oven plate for your model: WB35X37972 Yes, it does look different from the original one, but it mounts in the same.

Here's the lower oven bake igniter for your model:
WB13K10043 Ignitor Glow Bar

Do you see the orange glow from the lower bake glowbar igniter when the lower oven is on BAKE?

Did you make sure the lower bake glowbar igniter was plugged in fully to the electrical connector?
damn it .. the error is partially on me.
in all honesty i thought i was thorough .. but i purchased the wrong ignitor.:sick:😣🤬
Uuuugh !
Thank you Jake
Don't feel bad, it can happen to anyone.:)
Actually .. got the part overnighted .. the CORRECT part (thanks again Jake) ... installed aaaaand, a click but no firing up the burner.
i give up.
almsot completely and truly .. i give up.

thank you all for your help
Same bulletin @Jake But has for detail in it:


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bigbuck .. i did replace the deflector with a new one. the original from the factory (the shiled part below) was install the wrong way, causing original ignitor to fail .. then the story began

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