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GE Cafe fridge display temp not matching actual temp


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Jun 27, 2023
berkley MI
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6-10 years
GE Cafe with french doors, purchased in 2017. For months we've been struggling to keep the temp in the fridge down below 40. The freezer seems to be working fine. Last week I had 2 service calls with a GE repair company (via the SmartHQ app). First appointment, the fan near the evaporator was replaced. I was instructed to defrost entire unit if the temp did not come down so the next day I did do this. 24 hours after this and on the 3rd day after fan replacement, same tech was back out after multiple thermometers in water confirmed the temp was running at about 45 even though the thermostat was set to 37. Second visit, a "motherboard" on the posterior of the unit was replaced. I did learn at that time that the fridge will display what it thinks the temp is by adjusting the temperature up or down. I guess i never changed the temp much and he did not show me this at the first appointment. Anyway, now here I am 4 days after that visit and the fridge is telling me the internal temp is at 37 (set to 35) but several other methods are telling me that the temp is actually 45! After all this! What is actually broken? I'm frustrated and have little faith in a technicians ability to diagnose the actual problem. There has to be a way to determine this. Thank you in advance to anyone that can offer any insight. (FYI I have zero appliance technical skills and do not feel confident in ripping thermistors off my fridge)
I am having similar problem with CAFE purchased in 2019 where the top of fridge remains around 45 and I took out the veggie/fruit drawers and I put critical items there like dairy cause that area remains at 38. I only noticed this when I purchased multiple digital thermonmeters and scattered around the fridge so it possible that I have been eating foods sitting around 45048 degrees frequently for the past 3 years. The problem with service people is there is no way they could determine what is going on with the fridge unless they spent a good amount of time with it so alot of times it is just a guessing game to them.

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