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GE Cafe Refrigerator CYE23TSDFSS not dispensing water OR making ice


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Aug 17, 2022
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6-10 years
GE Cafe model CYE23TSDFSS has stopped dispensing water and making ice. both water and ice dispenser seem to work fine in the sense that i can hear them operating when pressed.

I first read that a likely culprit is the filter. I've changed that out as well as tried the filter bypass and neither solved the issue.

What should my next steps be (other than calling a repairman - lol)?

Rick helped another person with this same model here:

Then @bigbuck posted the tech. data sheet in post #8.

Check to see if you get an error code.

Thank you! Quite a few codes here…I’ll have to dive in. I assume I should go backwards from most recent.


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so it sounds like the main culprits are:

604 - no water supply detected
103 - condenser fan feedback missing

these are the most recent and 604 seems to be the obvious water/ice issue.

any thoughts on next steps here?
Make sure you have good water pressure coming into the refrigerator when the house water line connects to the refrigerator's main water inlet valve.

Here's the main water inlet valve in the back of the refrigerator where the house water supply hooks up to it:
WR55X11128 Valve Water Iso Asm

When you press the water dispenser you should be getting 120 volts to the water dispenser solenoid, if so and no water is coming out of it, then its bad.

Yes, you first pull your refrigerator out away from the wall, turn off your water supply line that goes to it, then take off your water supply line from where it hooks-up to your refrigerator, then get a bucket, cup, bowl, etc to catch the water, then put your water supply line in the bucket and turn it on, your water stream should be really good with good water pressure, if not then the problem is in your plumbing water supply line.


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