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GE Cooktop PGP953SETSS - One of my burners has stopped igniting

Aug 7, 2022
united states
Model Number
1-5 years

I have PGP953SETSS GE stove cooktop. One of my burners has stopped clicking -- no sparks. So I have to use a lighter to manually start that one. I replaced the spark module but it did not fix the issue. Any idea what I need to fix/replace??
There could be a problem with the ignition switch on that gas valve, the wiring between that switch and the spark module, between the module and electrode or with the spark electrode at the burner. Make sure the burner cap is grounded to the burner base properly and the burner and electrode are not dirty, preventing spark.

The switch, if defective, looks to only come as an assembly along with the wiring harness.

LINK > PGP953SETSS Spark Ignition Switch and Harness Asm.

Dan O.

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