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GE CWE23SSHHSS French Door "Twin Chill" fridge freezing


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Jun 11, 2007
Model Number
6-10 years
My GE french door bottom freezer fridge is freezing in the fridge part, with temp set to 38. The freezer seems to be working okay. It seems like the top part of the fridge is coldest, with the bottom shelf and drawers closer to the set temperature.

An appliance thermometer confirms 30-31 inside the fridge (top shelf), but the display (on the side of the door) says it's at the setpoint, of 38.

I couldn't find a service manual or any videos about this specific model. A few posts mentioned a damper failing being a common cause of this problem. I did disassemble the inside of the fridge, and there doesn't appear to be a damper. There is a fan that blows cold air into the drawer area (on the left) and another fan just above the cooling coils at the back center, which blows air up, through the vertical channel, and this air comes out at the top rear of the fridge. I think the temperature of the different sections is controlled by turning the two fans off or on, not by a damper. There is a temp sensor in the middle of the "ceiling", underneath an oblong vented 'dome' cover. The thermistor is just duct-taped to the inside of the cover.

So I'm thinking possible a) temp sensor or b) control board - mis-reading the sensor or some other problem.

If anyone has a link to a service manual for this fridge, that would be great. With the Right to Repair movement gaining steam, maybe manufacturers will start putting them on their web sites, right along with the user manual.

With the fridge temp set to 41, the actual temp (as read on an appliance thermometer inside the middle of the fridge) is fluctuating between 32 and 41.

I have ordered a new temp sensor to replace the one in the top of the fridge compartment, since that is a cheap and easy replacement. I'll see if that helps at all.

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