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GE DFE29JMDCES Freezer not working, Fridge is fine

Clumsy Me

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Jul 7, 2022
Nashville TN
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Hello long time listener, first time caller.

I have a GE DFE29JMDCES the freezer is getting warm set for -3 but currently at 19. When I open the freezer it is still blowing cold air as it was normally. I also noticed on the body of the unit in between the freezer and the fridge is hot to the touch also the ice maker in the freezer has stopped working. I read some of the other threads with the opposite issue being the fan but I couldnt find anything on the freezer side.

Side note I replaced the fridge condenser last year when I had the opposite issue happen with the fridge was getting too cold and freezing the meat/cheese drawers.

Any help is appreciated!!

Clumsy Me said:
the body of the unit in between the freezer and the fridge is hot to the touch

That is a sign of no air flow through the condenser at the rear of the fridge. Either it is plugged with dust and dirt and needs a *thorough* cleaning or the condenser fan motor is not functioning.

LINK > GE DFE29JMDCES Condenser Fan Motor

Both will also retard cooling and without the freezer cold enough, ice production will be affected.

Clumsy Me said:
I replaced the fridge condenser last year

You could not have replaced the condenser, maybe its fan motor??? If so, that still doesn't mean it isn't the problem now.

Tip! Don't let it run that way for long. It will put added strain on the compressor and could eventually damage it ($$$+).

Dan O.
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Hi Dan, I should have proof read better. You are right I didnt replace the condenser but I swap the condenser FAN motor, the little guy inside the fridge in the back. i will pull the fridge out today and report what I find on the back of it.
The condenser fan us outside the fridge at the back. There is an evaporator fan inside the fridge at the back, usually inside the freezer. Those are 2 different components.


Dan O.

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