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GE Dishwasher GDF610PMJ2ES No Lights On Panel


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Jul 16, 2022
Pittsburgh, PA
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello! So I’ve had a GE GDF610PMJ2ES dishwasher maybe (4) years? A few nights ago I thought I might have heard it just arbitrarily beeping. Never did before so I ignored and maybe thought it was the Google speaker in the kitchen.

Ran it and it pretty sure it completed the cycle. No lights were on but I thought I could’ve have or someone else opened it after it finished so no flags. Unloaded dishes, all were clean, and reloaded.

No lights on control panel. Start/cycle reset does not work.

Checked circuit breakers and used voltage meter to confirm power is coming to dishwasher.

Lowered control panel and the led is a steady blinking green so that is where I am tapping out. Not sure if the blinking is a good or bad thing. Any help would be appreciated!
Check the machine control board STATUS LED again(its located underneath the front on the dishwasher). Tell us how many times its flashing in a row, or if its STEADY ON or STEADY OFF.

Here's the machine control board(under the dishwasher) for your model: WD21X24900C

To view the STATUS LED, remove the lower access panel of your dishwasher. You DO NOT have remove the control board from its metal casing when you view the STATUS LED.

GE control 3.jpg

When you have that panel lowered down turn the breaker back ON to your dishwasher. When viewing it leave all the electrical connectors to it plugged in.

D-GE control board status led.jpg

Ok, is it flashing 1x per second or 1x per 3 seconds?

If 1x per second---> Communications lost between control boards. Check connections, replace UI or MC as needed.

Also try to Enter Consumer Error Mode: With the dishwasher in Standby Mode (not running a cycle), press and hold the Cycle Select and Start buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
On entry into the Consumer Error Mode, the control reports the door status for 10 seconds.
--->All LEDs are solidly illuminated, if the door is detected as closed.


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