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GE dishwasher GDF63PSM3SS No Lights


May 23, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
So lets start at the beginning. The dishwasher was randomly beeping so I replaced the MC thinking that was my cause. Afterwards it was doing the same thing and after some research found out that the cause is most likely the UI. Well in the process of testing other components and plugging the unit back in there was no response at all. I have replaced the UI once and the MC twice now. The MC is receiving the required 120V and the the board is sending 13.5 VDC to UI but still will not power up. The status LED on the MC is flashing rapidly, but I have heard that doesn't really mean anything. Any ideas where to go next?
Hi Rob,

Yes, on the square machine control board the flashing light means that machine control board is working and supplying DC power to the UI Board, since you have already replaced both boards, then I'd check the door wire harness.

Check for a loose connection in the electrical connector pins, one or two maybe not making good contact where it plugs into either of the two boards.

Here's the door wire harness for your model: WD21X10545

If the door wire harness is good, then it has to be a faulty UI Board.

Here's the UI Board for your model:


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