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GE Dishwasher GDF640HSM0SS completely unresponsive on its own


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May 27, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi - I have GE Dishwasher GDF640HSM0SS that went completely unresponsive on its own. I contacted a local handyman and he tightened the hot wire in the electrical junction box. Machine started working again. Two weeks later the dishwasher again went unresponsive. The same handyman came back and simply tightened the hot wire again. Interesting thing is that both times the black hot wire wasn't loose. He simply tightened (or better way to say re-connected) it and machine comes back only for few days. Yesterday the machine went unresponsive for the third time and the same solution worked again. However, this can't be the long term solution. Handyman is not sure what is going on with the machine. I have no idea if something is tripping the machine but all 3 times it started working back after tightening the hot wire. GE technical support says to send technician for a hefty amount which I declined to.

Can anyone shed some light into this weird fix that works every time? I am wondering if this model is defective so as to trip on its own. Machine is just under 3 years old. I will appreciate the feedback to find a permanent fix. Thank you!
Did the handyman check the machine control board underneath the dishwasher?

Here's the service manual for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1csheGsbSmPFRON5ThkhhwfvZ6saWoxHc/view?usp=sharing

Page 47 shows you how to access it. Once he accesses it, he should see the STATUS(service) LED blinking on it, which only advises the main control has power.

Here's the machine control board for your model: WD21X25732

Here's the UI Board for your model:

Thank you Jake. No, handyman didn't access main control panel. Since the fix worked for few days, he mentioned power for the main control shouldn't be an issue. Otherwise, dishwasher wouldn't have come back to life even for a short time. That was his assessment. This issue is intermittent.

I would open the main control board myself to check what you recommended for the LED light. If the light is solid then is it for sure that main control is the real issue (and not UI panel)? I would love to get more feedback from you before ordering parts once I know for sure about the issue.
Actaully if the CSM was tripped, resetting the breaker to the dishwasher does reset the CSM and the dishwasher will come back to life.

Here's the service manual for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1csheGsbSmPFRON5ThkhhwfvZ6saWoxHc/view?usp=sharing

No Display or LED's won't light:
1. Check for 120 VAC entering the main control.
If no volts are found, check the home breaker.
--->2. Attempt to enter Consumer Error Mode. If LED's light the CSM is tripped. Consult On the Main Control Board CSM section(PAGE 46) of this service guide to diagnose and repair.
3. Check the door harness connections.
I have the same problem with my GDF640HSM0SS, my situation was I would plug and unplug the connection from the power to the control board and eventually the Dishwasher (DW) would come on and run a cycle, it seemed like it would not shut down cleaned great, but after it ran it would die again, again I would be on the floor playing plug unplug.... eventually it never came back on, I got a used control board (CB) and it did not fix it, I noticed I had the green light flashing on the used one off of ebay and the my board did the same.

I saw a thread on a different model with the square board like mine ask about power on pins 2 nd 4 is that referring to the RJ$% jack on the bottom of the CB? It appears there is a 4 amp fuse that can be replaced. The DW is only 3 years old and hate to buy a new one after 3 years. The last one i had we got rid of because the treys rusted out it was still working great. looking at symptoms it states if it wont start, it could be the striker or the latch on the door.

This one wont power up, I see power to the control board because the green LED flashes, please help with next steps and any info on the diag rj45 port on the bottom would be helpful.

What should I check next thanks for any help Mike
Hi Mike,

any info on the diag rj45 port on the bottom would be helpful.
Only authorized GE TECHS. can come out and connect their $5000 diagnostic laptop to the ethernet port to do that, it shows them the internal data info.

Read my post #2 again above, and I explain what to do when the STATUS LED is flashing continually on the machine control board(underneath the dishwasher), it means its getting power and suppling DC volts to the UI Board(at the top of the dishwasher door). So its usually the UI Board that is the culprit in that case.

Also check the door wire harness, you might have a short in the door wire harness. Check the metal pins in that door wire harness to see if any are bent or backing out AT both ends where each connect to each board.

Here's the door wire harness for your model:

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