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GE Dishwasher GDT635HMJ6ES No lights on UI panel

Adrian g

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Aug 10, 2022
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1-5 years
The top user interface stopped working with no lights, so I could not run any diagnostic.

I was able to to regain control but I had to cut the power to the washer 3 or 4 times and unplug /replug the UI control board to get access and the lights working again.

I could not find the service manual for my exact model GDT635HMJ6ES. so I used the one for GDT635HxM0xx but some of the diagnostic steps are not working,
so I suspect it's because I have the wrong manual. I would appreciate if someone can post the correct service Manual.

I would like to run more diagnostic while the UI pannel still works but I am not sure what caused the issue and what to test next....any suggestions would be appreciated

What I did so far:
1) The bottom Control board is square, I confirmed the input is 120V, and the green led lights is blinking very fast.

2) There is power to the UI control board since the lights are on, but not sure which PIN I need to check if the voltage is ok

3) I was able to get into consumer error mode by pressing the Cycle Select and Start buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. the lock amber light remained ON.

4) I was able to enter service mode by pressing Cycle select for 5 seconds and tested each of the 6 load modes. some of them like the water valve test and Dry Fan test made no noise so I don't know if they are working for my specific model

5) I tried to enter self diagnostic mode for the control board by pressing CYCLE SELECT and DELAY but nothing happens, perhaps because I have the wrong service manual

6) I tried a small load cycle and it seems to work so far


Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
There was a machine control board change per your GE dishwasher revision GDT635HxJ6xx I'm attaching the bulletin on that below.

Also, GE failed to let us know what connector and pins to check for proper voltage to the UI Board for this new machine control board change they did. So I don't know either. But since it does light up, then it should be fine.

The bulletin does mention this--->New CSM trip notification and reset If the CSM trips, all the LED’s on the UI will flash. The consumer or technician may reset the CSM by turning power off to the dishwasher and then on.

So, it seems your CSM was tripped since its working fine now after you turned the power off to it, then back on.

The bulletin also says this:
7 Flash or Blink (on UI) during Service Mode
A new test indicated by a seven flash pattern (on the UI) is now available to help diagnose the CSM and heater.
This test is to help diagnose CSM trips.
When the test is started, the control turns on the heater relay (Line), but does not energize the neutral relay. If the CSM trips, the heating element must be replaced.

The problem sounds like your heating element is bad and tripping the CSM and thus that's why it starts working again after you power cycle it.

To verify that, just remove power from the dishwasher, then remove the 2 wires from the heating element(don't let those wires touch anything) and then restore power to the dishwasher and start the dishwasher and see if it trips the CSM again, if NOT then we found the problem is the heater itself.

Here's the heating element for your model you can order if needed:
Heating Element WD05X24776



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