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FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT655SSJ0SS fills water and drains but does not wash


Jan 28, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years
I've got this 4 year old GE dishwasher that recently experienced an issue that I was able to fix. I searched through the forums, but didn't see this exact same problem. If anyone is going through a similar problem, here's what the problem was, and what solved it.

Problem Background
After the dishwasher completed a cycle recently, the dishes were clean but there was a significant amount of detergent residue in the detergent compartment. Unusual, but i attributed it to a one-off situation. The next time i ran the dishwasher, there was no water residue on any dishes, the detergent pod was completely intact, and it was clear that no water had touched the dishes. We typically run this dishwasher with the sanitize function, which meant that plastic items on the top shelf were deformed from the significant heat (it was basically an oven at this point).

I checked the fine filter, which had some gunk, but didn't look terrible. I opened the bottom compartment to the sump drain and didn't see any clogs there.
I ran a quick cycle on the dishwasher, and i could hear water filling the dishwasher. Then silence, not the usual hum of the wash cycle. I believe i heard the vent fan turn on after it sat for a few minutes. I then clicked the cancel button for 3 seconds and the dishwasher drained. Internet searches on forums were somewhat helpful, but often i saw that users saw an error code, or beep that indicated a problem. There were no indicators from the LED lights or sounds that there was an error. I read the dishwasher troubleshooting guide. I attempted to run the wash cycle option in the error mode, but nothing happened. Not sure if the test was performed, i got no feedback from the error mode other than when i selected the wash cycle nothing happened. I headed over to YouTube and there were a few videos on the circulation pumps on GE dishwashers (not this exact model, but similar models). Based on the lack of water in the tub, it seemed clear it was the circulation pump that had failed.

I purchased a genuine GE circulation pump replacement from our local appliance supply store. It was $86. On the major e-commerce site we all visit (not sure if i can name them) it was $100, but i doubted the authenticity and, more expensive than the local folks. The part came with more of the screwdriver-tightened compression rings than i needed (5 vs 2) based on how it came from GE.

I had to uninstall the dishwasher to fix. I recommend youtube to show you how to do this. i'm a regular guy, not an expert in things like this. it took me about 2 hours total start to finish to complete this.
Problem was fixed, no leaks or further issues. back to cleaning great!

Hope this helps someone! i appreciate being able to find answers to my problems and that's why i wanted to share this.


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Excellent, good job.(y)

I'm all for folks supporting their local appliance parts store, but people like me that live way out in the country, 100 miles from our local appliance parts store, we have to order appliance parts. Its in the same ballpark price wise at $92, but with shipping and tax it goes just over $100.

Here's the circulation wash motor for your model, in case others need it too: