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GE Dishwasher Model GDF520PGJ4WW, pushing start and can hear 3 quick clicks, then nothing else happens


Mar 7, 2023
Rhode Island
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi Everyone,

I have a GE dishwasher model GDF520PGJ4WW and it's about 3 years old. Last night I went to run a load as I usually do and it made a horrendous clicking/grinding sound and stopped. I opened the door, checked for obstructions, and everything was clear, so I closed it and hit start again and it began it's cycle. Just a few minutes later it stopped. The panel seems fine, i can select wash cycles and heating options, etc. There is water in the bottom of the dishwasher. If I press start, I can hear 3 light clicks in rapid succession and then nothing else happens.

I've tried resetting the breaker, I've pressed and held the Start and Cycle buttons, everything blinks then gives me a 0 on the display, but every time I go to start it, just the three quick clicks and nothing else.

Any idea would be greatly appreciated.



Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
Hi, Lets first--->Check the machine control board STATUS LED (its located underneath the front on the dishwasher). Tell us how many times its flashing in a row, or if its STEADY ON or STEADY OFF.

Here's the machine control board(under the dishwasher) for your model: WD21X24900C

To view the STATUS LED, remove the lower access panel of your dishwasher. You DO NOT have remove the control board from its metal casing when you view the STATUS LED.

GE control 3.jpg

When you have that panel lowered down turn the breaker back ON to your dishwasher. When viewing it leave all the electrical connectors to it plugged in.

D-GE control board status led.jpg
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