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GE Dishwasher stops mid cycle, also drains when door is open


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Jun 24, 2023
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1-5 years
I have a GE GDT630PSM4SS dishwasher. The machine would stop mid cycle, basically it would reset. I treid service mode, all the cycles work properly (door sensor works). I decided to replace the control board, no difference, then i decided it could be the UI board, no difference. I noticed the pressure sensor thread, removed and cleaned but still no change. The LED on the control board seems to blink once a second even if the machine is mid cycle (communication error?)

Before I throw more parts at this thing I figured I needed to post.
I just wanted to give an update. I replaced the drain sensor and it appears this fixed the problem. The control board still blinks about once a second even during the cycle. This indicates a communication error but when i put it in service mode I get no errors. I will continue testing then do a reset. I am still open to some insite on what I might be missing.

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