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GE double wall oven shuts off at 100 degrees


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Jul 4, 2023
New Jersey
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6-10 years
This is an ELECTRIC double wall oven. The bottom oven shuts off when it reaches 100 degrees. The oven shuts off when using the bake mode and also shuts off using the broil mode. There is no convection feature. I tested all elements and they work properly. I also changed the Oven Range Sensor and this did not resolve the issue.
The oven is set to a temperature of 350 degrees. It starts at 100 degrees. the heating element starts to get hot. After about 2 minutes, the display goes blank and the oven turns off. So power is on, oven starts to heat but does not get past 100 degrees.
the display goes blank

There is nothing in the range I know of that should cause the control to 'reset' on its own besides a problem in the control itself. Other problems should usually only display an error message. Maybe the power consumption is tripping an iffy component inside the control board?

Unfortunately a new control is discontinued. If needed, your control would need to be sent away and rebuilt or take a chance on a used one.

LINK > WB27K5047 Rebuilding Services


Dan O.
Thanks so much for your response and info on that service. Unfortunately the control board works the upper oven too so not sure what I will do. Your help is appreciated.
This would be your tech sheet: Does the control go completely black or just goes back to a normal looking display?


  • 31-13091 GE JKP45WP2WG Double Wall Oven Tech Sheet.pdf
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There is a clock in the middle that stays on the whole time The right side of the display shows the temperature for the bottom oven. When I turn it on, it goes from blank to 100 degrees. Then after 2 min or so it goes back to blank. The clock stays on the whole time and the left side which operates the top oven works fine. If that oven is on it stays at the temperature regardless of what happens to the bottom oven.

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