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FIXED GE dryer won't turn off

Crab Balls

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Sep 21, 2013
Baltimore, MD
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Hello, this is my first to the forum. I've been having issues with this dryer not drying properly and not shutting off. I have disassembled the dryer and thoroughly cleaned all the lint from from every passage, it was really bad. Put it back together and it dries quickly but will not shut off. It does get the clothes really hot and dry, almost too hot. Also cleaned the moisture sensing rods with 0000# fine steel wool and checked continuity up to circuit board and all is fine. Checked the resistance of both thermistors and they were a couple thousand ohms off, but I don't think enough to cause problems. I still ordered and changed both of them. I also changed the Inlet-Safety Thermostat and High-Limit Thermostat on the heating element assembly even though they tested good. I know, but I'm desperate. The only part I didn't change was the Outlet Control Thermostat as I forgot to place it in the order from Appliance Parts. The only parts that haven't been changed is the Power Board (control board) and the Outlet Control Thermostat. My first thought (assumption) was the Power Board, but I couldn't find any service manual on the net to put this in Service Mode to diagnose the problem. At this point I am at a loss and desperately looking for a resolution.

I read a post from rickgburton in another thread listing the Service Mode procedures for a similar model, I tried that and there does seem to be a lot of information in there that I don't know what it is. Anyone have the Service Manual for this dryer in PDF format? I'm totally lost without the manual and would appreciate any help getting a copy of one.

Dryer not starting

Thank you for your help.


Here's the results of the Service Mode test.

T1= 1E 14
T2= 21 07
T3= EP
T4= All LED and segments lit
T5= E0
T6= Flashing up to 1 35 (assuming this is outlet temp of 135°?)
T7= Flashing cuts out at 2 04 (assuming this is inlet temp cutting out at 204°?)
T8= 12
T9= dc
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  • DPSE GE Wzrd-Dryer Service Manual.pdf
    886.7 KB · Views: 384
Jake, thanks for posting the manual and parts list as it is much appreciated. I will read it over later and get back to diagnosing the dryer. I'll let you guys know what I find. Thanks again!!!
Ok, sounds good, yes keep us posted.:)

Please mark as FIXED:

I installed new Power Board today and that did the trick. Thanks to Jake for all the help and to others that posted valuable information in other threads. It is so good having a fully functional dryer again.

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