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Ge dual fuel range


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Jan 20, 2013
Asheville, North Carolina
The wife and I have been thinking of getting a gas stove to replace our electric one. I stumbled across one locally that seems like a good deal but cannot find anything out about it online. It is a General Electric dual fuel range and the stove runs off of 110 v. not 220. The owner claims it has been in storage for three years but is about 6 yrs old. He also says that it is a discontinued model. The model number is J2B912SEK2SS but I cannot seem to find any reviews on this product anywhere online. He says that it is a gas range and a gas stove but the stove is equipped with a broiling element and a baking element to assist with the gas burner. I can only find a copy of the manual. I am curious as to whether parts are readily available or if there is some fatal flaw to this model that I am unaware of. The owner says that he cannot hook it up to a bottle of propane due to the fittings, although it is fitted for propane which is what we will be using. What do I look for if we decide to go check it out? I thought all gas ranges were dual fuel and all had electric ranges with gas cook tops? Is this some sort of discontinued hybrid technology that didn't work out? It almost sounds like too good of a deal. What else should I be looking for when we go to check it out? Any info is greatly appreciated :p
Dual fuel ranges are common. I looked up that model number and all the parts look like they are still available.

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