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FIXED GE French Door Style GYE22HSKBSS - Refrigerator Crisper drawer freezing, Top warm, Freezer working


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Dec 1, 2021
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1-5 years
I have a GE French Door Refrigerator Freezer, GYE22HSKBSS, the freezer is working fine. Refrigerator is freezing items in the Crisper drawer, the rest of and especially the top of refrigerator is warm. I've read some different posts and it seems like I possibly need to replace a thermistor or a fan, maybe a circuit board. But the posts I've read were more side-by-side instead of french door units. I've had this issue on and off again for a while it seems like. I'll feel like the top of the fridge is warm, then I'll check it out the next morning, and it seems fine. Possibly a sensor or fan is starting to go out and not fully dead yet?

What are my next steps? I checked behind the fridge, no issues there.
Should I open up some other panel and check for frosting?
Should I try to put less items in the fridge or organize it a certain way? I've had this issue so many different times with different amounts of food in the fridge, I do not think it is an "overstuffing" issue, but I'm willing to listen to any tips others have had.
What parts should I consider replacing? Fan, thermistors, circuit boards?

I've had drain clogging issues with the freezer that caused ice to develop in the bottom of the freezer several months back which I fixed. Unit is only about 5 years old, and it's had way too many issues for me. Do you have recommendations for the best counter style fridge/freezer that seems to have the least amount of problems?
It could be an intermittent fan. Is there any frost on the evap cover?
Attached are pictures. I haven't removed this panel yet, I'm about to. Do you think I need to replace part #716 from the picture?


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Looks like a defrost issue. Remove all the frost. Check the defrost heater and the defrost thermostat for continuity. Measure the resistance of the thermistor in a small glass of ice and water. At 32° the thermistor should have 16.3K Ω.
Rick is correct. Disconnect power to your refrigerator first.

I'd ohm test the defrost heater first. Watch this video: Defrost Heater Testing Video

Here's the defrost heater for your model:
WR51X10132 Heater Def Asm Ff

Fresh Food Evaporator Thermistor can be ohm tested from the motherboard, which is located in the back of the refrigerator. Remove the J11 connector from the motherboard and ohm test on the wire harness Pin 9(tan wire) Pin 10(blue wire) it should read 16.3k ohms when its frosty.

Here's the Fresh Food Evaporator Thermistor for your model:
WR55X10025 Temperature Sensor

Sorry for the late followup on this. I ended up buying the Thermistor Temp Sensor, Heater Defrost, and the intermittent fan. When I had to take it all apart, I figured I might as well just replace all three.
Rick has been out sick for awhile, hopefully he will return soon.

Glad to hear your back in business.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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