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GE Front Loader (GFW450SPM1DG) Can't Enter Service Mode, Can't Start Cycle.


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Mar 21, 2023
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1-5 years
Hello There,

I had to interrupt an on-going cycle as it was violently shaking (might be due to being overloaded) by pressing the power button. Once repositioned, the machine was powered on again with the door stuck on locked. Tried resetting the cycle but did not unlock. There was water left in the tub so I had drained it through the pump filter. Ended up unplugging the machine and manually unlatching from the inside to save the clothes.

Once lock was unlatched, door locked indicator was off. However, I couldn't run any cycles. I can manipulate/choose cycle properties and all buttons seem to work but can't start. When 'Start/Pause' button is pressed, the control board would make a 'buzz' sound indicating that the button can't be selected.

I tried going into service mode - unplugging for at least 30 sec, hitting Temp-Delay Wash 4x, but it would again make an audible 'buzz' sound from the control board and service mode can't be accessed. I don't hear the machine trying to lock the door, or any mechanical components trying to run. Is this a bad board? I don't want to order a $500 CAD board when it might be another issue (i.e. inverter?).
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Thanks for the response Jake. Ive tried this and just makes an audible buzz sound from the control board after performing the sequence.
Thanks Jake. Would a pressure switch issue stop me from going into service mode? If the pressure switch is shot, can it fool the control board to think that there's water in the tub and wont go into service mode? I'm not familiar with the interlocks for accessing service mode.
No, it should still go into service mode even if the pressure switch was bad.

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