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GE Gas Range/Oven PGS920SEF5SS neither broil or oven will ignite


Feb 6, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years
The oven began having temperature issues with the temp seeming to be under what it was set for, recently the wife had issues with cooking taking longer than normal. I began by checking to see if the oven temp sensor was good. It tested at the normal reading at room temp of 1098 on Ohmmeter and when heated by hand went up to 1120 ohms rapidly also after heating with a torch it went up rapidly to 1760 ohm reading so determined that sensor was good.

Went on to the next check to see if the bottom burner was igniting since it seemed to never get hot despite the glow from the bottom of oven. After removing the oven bottom cover was able to observe the igniter glow but never ignite the actual burner. Based on what I have read this would indicate the igniter is weak. However, as another level of troubleshooting, I decided to see if the top broiler would ignite, it's igniter does glow but it never ignites the burner either.

I don't see anything anywhere indicating there is a common connection to both the broiler and the oven burner and just find it unusual that both the broiler and the bake burner igniters would be bad at the same time as the broiler is never used.

I am not an oven tech so this may not be so unusual to someone well versed in this type of work. My question is does anyone have any suggestions for what I should be looking at next? Should I just get new igniters and replace them or does this lead to a possible control board issue?


Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
It seems like your oven gas shut-off lever is closed. You are correct, it would be extremely rare for both bake and broil to stop working at the same time.

Here's the gas regulator/oven safety valve assembly:

I circled it in black, that's the oven gas shut off lever, you pull it to open, push it to close. See if its pushed-in. It should be located either underneath the oven towards the back or all the way in the back of your range at the bottom.